I choose this article because the journalist claims at the very beginning that they are going to dig deeper. “We’re digging deeper into internal affairs investigations of two officers that have now been suspended from the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department.”

This was their opening sentence which led me right in. I initially thought the details would be more about the current investigation, but instead the journalist dug into the past of the two officers. This got me intrigued because a back story can contain patterns of certain behavior. So far I am impressed. The journalist discovered that Khaalis had some issues while in uniform dating back to 2004. Investigative journalism at it’s best. Williams was also found in some suspicious activity dating back to 2008. Both of the investigations held for these two years ago were slighted away. We all know about the blue blood way the police always protect each other.

The next paragraph leads into the current investigation and gives details about when this investigation actually started. I like that too, but one question keeps popping into my head that you asked the class the first day….”Do we believe the news?”. While reading this article, I have to believe this information is true. I just have to believe it. I suppose I could do my own research to make sure the details they are giving me are correct, but who has time for that?

Reading on….It seems this investigation started almost 3 years ago and once again the charges were slighted away. “Even so, on Thursday, nearly three years after the investigation was closed, Acting Chief Juliette Tolbert suspended both officers with pay pending the outcome of investigations.”

Right after this article, the web site has included an update.

“There’s more fallout from a series of investigations into the Savannah-Chatham Metro PoliceDepartment.” Again, I found this first opening line engaging. Bad for any investigations, it ends up opening up a whole new can of worms which is exactly what happened in this case. More undesirable behavior from many people in the police force are being accused now.

I wonder how the blue blood pact will favor now.  I will continue to monitor this news story.



Same story and I’m not a big fan of the opening line. I’m pleased to see all the names which provides valuable information, but the opening line is too wordy for me. “Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Dept. Interim Chief Julie Tolbert has placed officers Capt. Cedric Phillips, Sgt. Malik Khaalis and Star Cpl. Willet Williams on paid administrative leave.” I generally skim over the names and get right to the key words which in this case (for me) would be “paid administrative leave” and still those three words aren’t that fantastic of relations to information.

Three paragraphs down is when they give me the meat of the story that I desired immediately “Thursday’s staff announcement comes after two high-profile controversies – sexual harassment allegations and a Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team report alleging drug activity involving officers.” I think they would have had a better commitment from their readers if they had started their story with these tantalizing words.

A little different in this story is how the wife was involved. This wasn’t mentioned at all in the WSAV accounts.

I find it interesting that both stories had some great details, but they are both filled with information that the other didn’t include. Wouldn’t it have been lovely if these companies worked together and they could have compiled both news stories into one filled with enormous amounts of information? Alas, it’s still a money making business.



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