How the anniversary of 911 is expressed in NYT and WP.

How the anniversary of 911 is expressed in NYT and WP. (from 9-11-2013 paper)

Title of the article:

9/11 anniversary being marked at the Pentagon

By Steve Vogel, Published: September 11 at 5:00 am (from 9-9-2013 paper)

Title of article:

12 Years Later, Americans Are Asked to ‘Take a Day’ for 9/11


Published: September 9, 2013


Am I missing something? I want to compare how the NYT and the WP are discussing the 911 attacks twelve years ago, but I cannot find anything current in the NYT. As a reader, I would expect the NYT would have this article on their front page. I find it interesting that I had to search their data base and only found dated article.

Both the titles have different slants on how the day will be represented. The WP mentions the Pentagon in their title which I find to be more engaging. It reminds me not to forget about the Pentagon since a lot of coverage always seems to center around the trade centers. Not only does the title reference a particular place, the title also gives me information about what event is taking place. While the WP article title has more information it also radiates a somber feeling. It actually made me pause and recall the horrific events. I am feeling the emotions all over again consumed with sadness, guilt and remorse.


In regards to the NYT title, I find it to be more laid back in its message. “Take a Day” exudes a level of laziness and provides no information on what that even means. However, the author may have been using these words to pull the reader in. “Take a Day” how? Will 911 become a national holiday? Maybe I have the day off today!!! I have to wonder if this was the intention of the author making the title vague so the reader has to read the full article to find out more details. This particular title is more light weight and gives my emotions a chance to let myself have a break from the discord.

In regards to remembering 911 from my own particular stand point, I would like to see the coverage shift from those that died to those that are still alive. I believe this day should be celebrated with family. We should be given the day off and families should be able to spend time together, but instead every year is the same thing. I actually start to feel sorry for those families involved in the disaster that was 911. Sometimes rehashing a traumatic event only causes more pain and these poor families are going to have to re live it every single year. It would be fantastic if a respected news outlet could take the lead and change Americans’ perspective on the subject. If all media outlets decided to concentrate on the living instead of the dead, I sincere believe these families would have a better chance at healing. I would like to hear how the families are doing now and not the usually rhetoric of “it’s been so hard for our families”. How about just an update about what the kids are doing or what new career a wife has. None of us are ever going to forget what happened 12 years ago, but what we can do is put it behind us and concentrate on right now. How are the living doing right now?


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