As I begin my journey online at NYT and the WSJ, I come across something highly unusual. The NYT online has been hacked. I immediately go to WSJ to see if they had posted anything about the NYT being hacked. Of course, they have. As of yesterday around 4pm they reported the news. They also suggested by the headline that many other media sites were hacked. The headline is a bit confusing. Did all of these media outlets get hacked or just the NYT? I will definitely need to check and read further details. It did appear that all the sites had been hacked as well although their proof was only worded by “Multiple security researchers with firsthand knowledge.” I wondered who exactly those people are and where did these journalist find that information. Do I even have the right to know that information? Does it matter?

I decide to check our local paper to see how they reported the hacking. I went straight to WSAV because of the internship I did with them. I’m sure they screwed it up somehow or even possibly just took the press release. You might be wondering why I am pretty confident that they did not report the situation correctly. This local television station has set the bar very low. It’s a simple as that. They do the very least to get by. Now on to their site to see what they have said. I see nothing about the hacking incident. Shocking.

According to the WSJ, it says the Huffington Post was also hacked. Let’s cruise on over to their website and see what they have to say about their own story. Their website seems to be working just fine, so I entered in Huffington Post Hacked and it brings up an article written by Huffington Post that twitter was hacked. Nowhere on their page does it mention that they had also been a victim of the alleged hacking even though the WSJ said they had been. So what am I to believe? Or did I possible miss it? I’d like to be humble in my research and declarations. One more check and then I will bench the search.

It appears we have conflicting stories. HP does not acknowledge that they were victim, while other media outlets claim they are a part of the ten media outlets that were hacked. Perhaps in class you will talk about this and we can find some resolution.


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